Richard Branson and Stephane Gautronneau

(I have to cover the nude part, sorry guys, you can google and find it on the internet)
March 18 issue of Paris Match.
Model Stephane Gautronneau, nude photo shot clinging to Sir Richard Branson on his own private island Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, while photograph by Denni Parkinson who is the boyfriend to Stephane Gautronneau.

Sir Richard reportedly says of the photoshoot: ‘What can you say if you are asked to pose with a naked lady? I only wish I had eyes in the back of my head.’

Branson is married with children. By the way, the wife and ‘kids’ were on shore watching the shoot

p/s: Now who is suppose to be the model Denni Parkinson or Stephane Gautronneau. Coz everyone seems to be saying Denni Parkinson is the model…~sigh~
Life of the rich and famous, anything is possible!

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