My Dengue Fever & Doctor House Call & Mosquitoes Net Installer Magnetic

I had dengue when i was in my 20s, after 20 years, i had it again!~

Past few weeks (16th at night admitted, 17th, 18th Dec 2020), i was down with Dengue because my condo is dengue area, i was the 13th victim, first i went to KPJ, but they told me to come tomorrow because they couldn’t get the Covid19 swab test result on that night.

But i couldn’t wait anymore as i was feeling lethargic and dizzy, my hands were trembling so much, so i admitted to Columbia Hospital and stayed there for 3 days. It was the most miserable days for me.

Everyday, i was told to record my water intake, urine in ml and poop.

On my first day, i was placed in a single room alone in an isolation room because my Covid19 swab test result wasn’t out yet. Whole night watch viki coz i couldn’t sleep in hospital.

2nd night, after my covid19 result tested negative, i was transferred to a larger room with 2 single beds.

Still, I cannot sleep at all during my stay in Columbia Hospital. Hospital food was really good, but i just don’t have appetite at all. i suspected perhaps i have gluten intolerance, everytime i eat bread, gluten, my stomach feels weird.

So, i just take some carrots, potatoes, porridge (little).

Luckily Dr. Johan let me discharged since my platelet increased to 75000. This number is still low..

When you have dengue, someone will come to fog your entire house. It’s so oily and you have to wipe the entire house ……

So after i was discharged, i still need to drip IV. Without IV drip, i feel kinda dizzy and not myself. So i drip IV around 2 days 2 bags of IV saline at home. I engaged 012 650 0733

After i went home to sleep, i can sleep (home sweet home) and my platelet increased from 1st day at home 78000 then 2nd day continue on increase to 247000. 1st and 2nd day when i woke up, my stomach feels like “peppermint” feeling or feeling like burning?, i asked Dr. Niew and he said it’s gastric. By 3rd day, it was gone. Dunno why…

Dr. Chong and Dr. Niew are very good doctors. The way they took my blood doesn’t leave any purplish bruise mark at all. Amazing!

Fast forward to today, i called up James @ 010 221 3709 to install mosquito nets in my kitchen, 2 bathrooms and bedroom.

So, after dengue fever, Doctor Chong advised me to take multivitamins & neurobion for Vitamin B12 and other B’s vitamins, for my deficiency. After taking Centrum multivitamins, i feels much better. And Doctor Niew, told me to drink more water 2 and 1/2 large mineral water (1500ml each bottle).

At home, i light steam leafy green vegetables 3-4 mins, hard boiled egg (no sugar and no salt, no fried food and no gluten food), steamed chicken meat and fish (vitamin b12). Daily drink fresh coconut water (rich in essential electrolytes and vitamins) and ate fruits (pomegranate, apples, oranges)

On the 10th day, i feel more energetic..

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