How to watch Viki Rakuten in Malaysia

First of all, what are you gals watching? For me, i have completed, “Nine Tailed Fox” and also “The Best Hit” recently.

Unsubscribed iflix and also wetv coz not much dramas i like in these apps.

Downloaded a VPN Surfshark to access Viki Rakuten. To access Viki, you will need a VPN if you’re in Malaysia. It’s expensive and not too expensive, depends how you view it. Yearly 12 months for RM189.99.

As for Viki , monthly subscription @ RM20.65/monthly.

So guess what i found?

You can buy Viki Rakuten subscription for only RM11 something (LIFETIME), illegal? They claimed is account sharing. So after you buy from there, they will provide a username and password. All you need to do is to login with these given username and pass, voila you can gain access to Viki!

Is good to share if you don’t really have time to watch dramas. As for me, i am still using my own id to login, because i realized i had forgotten to stop my subscription and google play auto renew for me. I don’t have time too and i believe everyone don’t really have time to watch dramas whole day. Occasionally, after we finished our work, then will watch a few minutes and that’s all. Therefore, RM20.65/monthly is really too expensive!

Positive part is so much cheaper and you will know what everyone else is watching, negative part is you cannot continue where you have stopped from your last watched.

And another thing, if you need to watch on larger screen tv, simple!

Just purchase Google Chromecast from Shopee.

Connect one end HDMI and another end to USB and follow the setup instructions.

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