Her Private Life Korean Drama

Do you fancy watching Korean Drama like i do? Which episodes are you watching right now?

As for me, i am watching Her Private Life Eng Sub Ep 9 & Hotel Del Luna Ep 6. Do you know Hotel Del Luna ep 7 is uploaded 4 hours ago?

Check it out below:


To be honest, it’s kinda horror especially during this month, the GHost Festival month 15/8/2019. What i do is close my eyes and skip the horror scenes. Other than that, it’s fun to watch and addictive.


It tells the story of an elite hotelier that gets to run the Hotel Del Luna by a fateful event. Because of this, he got to run the hotel with the beautiful and aloof but ill-tempered boss. Hotel Del Luna is a hotel in downtown Seoul. It is looking old and shady from the outside but it is a fancy place for wandering ghosts. They are the only one to see the place as amazing.

IU as Jang ManWol

Jang ManWol is punished after she has done a huge crime. She is forced to stay at Hotel Del Luna where she is the boss. She looks gorgeous and aloof. However, her personality is not so good. She is ill-tempered, greedy, and luxurious.

Yeo JinGoo as Goo ChanSung

An elite hotelier. He is meticulous, perfectionist, rational and cool-headed but he has a weak heart. His CV is great as he worked hard for it. He was the youngest assistant manager of a multinational hotel company. He was doing great until an unexpected reason made him become the manager of the Hotel Del Luna.

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