Time Internet Broadband Review 2018/2019

Recently Time Broadband launch their new package,

100Mbps for RM99/mth, 500Mbps for RM139/mth, 1Gbps for RM199/mth.

The broadband just in time available in my condominium, so I signed up for the 500Mbps, reason because after some research from the internet, most probably our current hardware won’t go more than 500Mbps, especially true if you are using wireless.

The installer called me and make an appointment with me, I booked a slot three days later after I registered for it through an agent. The agent just get my scanned IC front/back and address for the internet broadband installation.

The installation only takes about 3 hours. A fibre optic cable is layed into my unit from outside, here is the setup like.

Time Internet Broadband TP-LINK wireless router and optical network terminal

Here is a Speedtest from my PC, connected via ethernet cable to the TP-Link Router.

TP-LINK connected to my PC via ethernet cable. 499Mbps download and 480Mbps upload. This result is taken at 7AM.

Here is a Speedtest from my Andriod phone, connected wirelessly to the TP-Link wireless router.

Wireless is usually slower than cable. Download speed usually around 300Mbps, upload speed is usually higher however. This is taken at 7AM.

The above is the speed test after two months. So far no experience is good and downtime. There is once the TP-LINK wireless router internet icon glowing orange, meaning no connection, just restarted both the wireless router and optical network terminal, and I am back online again.

Price is RM147 after tax. There will be a RM2 off if you use auto-payment, for this just register in their portal after login.

Let me know what is your experience in the comments section.

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