Samya M-800L LCD Premium Battery Charger Review

If you’re looking for a good charger to charge your AA and AAA charger, you can try this charger that I am using now.

It is called Samya M-800L. I bought it online for around RM170.

I use it to charge my Panasonic Eneloop batteries. It can gauge the level of each battery and charging accordingly until full.

As a side note, cheaper chargers (usually around RM30-RM70)doesn’t detect the power level of the batteries it is charging. It usually uses an internal timer to charge as long as the present time. This method might harm the battery after repeatedly used.

It also has a refresh function, what this function does is, it drains the battery and charge it, usually does this for old batteries that are faulty.

If you are looking for a better charger, I would say look no further!

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