Khind Bread Toaster Oven OT 08SS Review

I’ve been using this toaster oven by Khind for quite some time.

Front view of the toaster oven

Basically it is an mini oven, with only a timer and a knob to switch on/off each grill.

It also includes a small tray to bake small items that will fall through the grill.

Tray for little foods

It works great to toast bread, reheat bakeries, or left-overs. The benefit of using a toaster oven instead of a toaster is it can accommodate bigger breads like buns, croissant, burger bread. And it heats up more quickly and save space when compare to a bigger real oven.

Khind Toaster Oven in action

Because of it’s door is in the short side of the rectangle, putting and getting food from the deeper part of the grill might be a little harder when compare to those toaster oven where the door is on the long side of the rectangle, for example the toaster oven by Elba. But day to day use is really not an issue, it is just a nit pick.

Should you get this oven toaster? If you like it’s stainless steel finishing at the side and it’s unique door design, you would certainly have no regrets getting this on your kitchen.

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