Cheap Bicycle Bell and Bicycle Rear

If you are looking for cheap, but decent quality bicycle accessories for your bicycle, you can try this few places. This bicycle bell cost RM5.5 only at Daiso, works well and good looking too. Mine comes in red, there is also a gray and black version.

Decent quality, good looking, cheap bicycle bell bought at Daiso. Cost only RM5

If you’re looking for a rear bicycle light which cost only the price of a cheap dinner at Kuala Lumpur, you can look for it in Ace Hardware. Bought this for around RM8 in Ace Hardware Mid Valley. It uses two AAA batteries, have been using it for few years, works as intended. It has three light modes – still, slow flash, fast flash. You press the button to cycle between the light modes. Pressing the fourth time off the light.

Rear bicycle light flashes.
Turning off the rear bicycle light.
The button that cycles through different modes of the light.
Front of the bicycle light.

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