Mechanical Keyboard Malaysia Price


This is not your ordinary keyboard. Every keys press produce addictive feeling and clicky sound you’ll fall in love in each click.

This mechanical keyboard in Malaysia is price at RM380, expensive yes but it’s really awesome!!!!

A must buy for all, compares to the ordinary keyboard aka rubber-switch keyboard or in other term (membrance keyboard).

Whether you’re coder, gamer or typist or someone who use the pc a lot, you’ll going to love this Filco Mechanical Keyboard.

Filco keyboard comes in different clicky sound, blue makes the most noise, follow on by brown, red, and black switches.

For me, i much prefer blue switches, although it makes the most audible noise especially in quiet office environment it’s favoured by most typist. For office environment, better use brown switch with lesser noise yet still tacky.

In this website you can view each color switches and the bumps produces sound when each key is click.

If you’re a programmer, be EXTRA alert of the position Fn and Windows Keys for this particular camo tenkeyless, because for Majestouch 2 Camouflage Tenkeyless Fn is on your left while Windows Key is on your right and it should be the other way round.

You can view each filco mechanical keyboard here

Check too for keyboard printing position: Front Face or Top Face.

If you’re born in the early years when we have IBM Keyboard, you’ll notice it’s the mechanical keyboard.

Thats why Cherry MX reinvested switches for mechanical keyboards.

For those who don’t know what tenkeyless is, it means there is no numberpad on the right keyboard.

You may wonder why it’s differentiate by cherry mx colors, because when you pull out each keys, you’ll see its’ colors underneath.

You can also customize each keys on your own, it comes in colorful mechanical keyboards custom keycaps such as nyan cat.


More keycaps photo

Where can you buy filco mechanical keyboard in Malaysia?
C-Zone Sdn Bhd
Lot 2.56&57, Second Floor Low Yat Plaza
Telephone: +603.2145.8841

Price for this Filco Majestouch 2 Camouflage Tenkeyless Keyboard (Blue Switch Key) is RM380
You might find that moving up from your old rubber-switch keyboard to a nice mechanical model could make your computing more enjoyable overall.

“Mechanical keyboards feel very different”
Faster and more accurate typing!

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