Bebo Founder: “It’s time to come clean.”

Looking for alternatives social networking for Facebook, and i bump into this piece of announcement. Old members for Bebo will have to provide email in order to be notified for download links for their photos and blog posts in

What actually happened to

According to the founder Michael Birch, Bebo was sold in 2008 was not the same Bebo they bought back in 2013.

The business had 0 full-time employees, was losing money, and basic functionality such as creating new accounts and uploading photos was broken. It was a messy and old site.

And so, he bought back for $1M with the intention to start fresh and build a new Bebo.

Today, Michael announces his plan to wipe the slate clean, and start fresh with a brand new social networking site.

Before this new Bebo can be build, it was their top priority to make sure all photos and blog posts were safe.

“It will take a bit of engineering, but in a few months we will have your photos and blog posts available for download. Head on over to to reserve your spot in the new Bebo, and to be notified when your photos and blog posts will be available for download.”

Visit for details on Bebo, old and new.

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