Korean Girl Wear Bikini At Home Everyday

Korean girl wear bikini everyday

Lee Yeonyun 이연윤 Korean girl obsessed with wearing bikini at home everyday. Television programme Martian Virus said that the woman, Yeonyun, loves to wear bikinis so much that she wears at home all the time even though when her father and grandmother around at home.

She has a perfect slim figure measuring 34-24-35 and she hopes to become a bikini model. Yeonyun said that she has come to treat her house like a fashion catwalk and she changes in and out of bikinis constantly when she is home.

While she was at the bikini shop, she will do the same regardless of the stares from male customers and bystanders.

Yeonyun is happy to show off her perfect figure while her parents were quite annoy with her daughter’s addiction.

Her mother even said on the programme that she no longer wants to go swimming after watching her daughter parade in bikinis all day.

As for Yeonyun’s two sisters, they seem quite fed up with her obsession, saying that they are tired of it and wish for her to stop her strange behavior.

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