Mozilla Firefox Ad dons New Developer Tools

Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux adds powerful built-in developer tools and delivers smoother updates by making add-ons compatible by default.

Mozilla Firefox now adds on a number of new built-in developer tools that enable developers to change the look and feel of websites in real-time.The new ones include Page Inspector, for checking out a site’s structure and layout without leaving the browser, and the introduction of the Eclipse Orion code editor for JavaScript writing in ScratchPad. There’s also a Style Inspector, for editing CSS on the fly and without leaving the browser.

Page Inspector
To launch it, select Inspect from the Web Developer menu, point to an element and choose “Inspect” from the right-click context menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+I. The active element will be highlighted and a bar appears at the bottom of the window showing a clickable breadcrumb trail of the DOM hierarchy.

CSS 3D Transforms
Firefox 10 now supports CSS 3D transforms which allow you to rotate, skew and translate objects in three-dimensional space. These updates mean that complex site and Web app animations will render more smoothly in Firefox, and that developers can animate 2D objects into 3D without plug-ins.

Fullscreen API
It allows a page to launch the browser in full-screen mode which makes it ideal for videos, games and other interactive media.

Visibility API
The visibility API allows you to check three new document true/false properties:

  • visible — your document is the foreground tab of a non-minimized window
  • hidden — your document is either a background tab or on a minimized window
  • prerender — your document is being pre-rendered and is not visible to the user

It’s simple but allow us to make more efficient and usable web pages. For example, changing tabs could automatically pause a video or slow down Ajax requests.

Dynamic Forward Button
Automatically hides itself when there’s no page to forward too.

Better Add-On Compatibility
Firefox users will see in version 10 is that user will stop seeing most add-ons marked as incompatible with each new version of Firefox. Around 80 percent of all add-ons will be marked compatible, starting with today’s Firefox 10.

Assuming Mozilla keeps its release schedule, Firefox 11 will see the release of the significantly faster and scheduled will be with us on March 13, 2012.

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