Pet hotel starving cats

Petknode Cat Boarding a pet hotel in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia spark anger among cats owners for starving more than 200 cats and dogs in its shoplot.
They apologized to the owners after failing to look after their cats with the reason of lacking in manpower and also funds.
Owner Hanis Zakiyah, 23, place her cats with them after reading good reviews in their website. According to her, their website look organized, the shoplot looks clean and it has been operated for few years. Therefore, they had sent their cat, Ted for the Hari Raya Special Promotion.

It was a shocked to Hanis when she saw her cat covered in its own urine, dehydrated and lost so much weight when she went to pick her cat. There are 300 other cats in their care during 1 week Raya Holiday, with only 2 staff to care of the cats. Cats owner paid for private nice rooms but found out there is actually no rooms, but were left without food and drinks inside their cage and pet carriers. All the other cats are found with miserable conditions with their pee and poo. There are as many as 15 cats who died in their care.

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