Natural Healing with Food

It’s Ramadhan, Muslim will start their fasting for a month and we the non-muslim are looking forward for their Lemang and Rendang food every year. I’ve been practising raw food for quite a while and i believed my body system had clear up since i haven’t fallen sick since more than a year.
Yesterday at my parent’s house i started eating Maggi Mee, Rendang, Prepack biscuits, 1 pack of Vico chocolate drink and Muruku. On the next day, i can feel my body immune system has weaken because i was sneezing, headache, abnormal feeling as if i’m floating in the air.

I knew straight away, i’m going to get sick this morning. This is what i eat to boost up my immune system, for i know if i continue eating like this i’ll have to visit my doctor whom i’ve not seen for more than a year ago.

Holland Onion and Ginger
Fruits loaded with vitamin C.
Organic Raw Vege boost immune system, calcium
Manuka Honey a great replacement for antibiotic without destroying good cells
Drink more water to flush out toxins from our body
Protein from Hummus good for health

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