Adsense Ads not showing up

My Adsense Ads went missing suddenly yesterday and none Adsense team email me or inform me about the disappearance of my ads. So i contact and they reply me:
From: Google AdSense Policy Enforcement
Thank you for your message. Our policy support team will not be able to
assist you through the channel you’ve used to contact us.
To contact us, please visit our Help Center:
You can also view information on our program policies:
Thanks for your understanding.
The Google AdSense Team
So the next step, i went to this google adsense support forum to seek for help:
My question to this forum:
Why i din received any email from Google Adsense?
My adsense code work in my other domain but not this domain.
A person said i din write description in my website, so i added in
And he said my website got this adult video, i’ve also deleted it..
Now wat?
This rude person @dexteronline reply me:
A person said i din write description in my website, so i added in
And he said my website got this adult video, i’ve also deleted it..
If you don’t know what is on your site, and it took a 3rd person to point you in the right direction then may be you shouldn’t be in the Adsense program
Did you actually read the terms of service that you agreed to upon joining Adsense
The whole conversation here
Rude support from Google Adsense forum

[Click to enlarge]
I’ve email to a few people whose adsense ads went missing, and they haven’t get any reply from Google Adsense.
I’ve not even receive any email from Google Adsense since yesterday July 02, 2011.
It’s irresponsible to remove ads without prior notification or any emails notification.
Leaving all those blank spaces and let us deal with ourselves??!! I’m using others!
Updated: July 08, 2011
Google Adsense just email to me to this email, well they sent an email to me in my other email account, no wonder i didn’t get their email. It’s my fault coz i didn’t check that email, well can’t blame me too coz i’ve left it dormant too long.
Anyway, they sent me an email to my active email and clarify all the misunderstanding.
So what is wrong and why they disabled my google ads, turns out to be my hyperlink to copyright materials on a TVB drama.
Here’s the process if Google Adsense disable your ad and (if you have similar case like mine, sent to an inactive email):-
Step 1
Seek help from google adsense Support forum first.
Step 2
AdSense Troubleshooter – AdSense Help – Google
Answer each question and it will lead to a contact form
Step 3
Once you have your Issue ID # (Issue ID Number)
And you have comply with their policy
Proceed to Google Adsense appeal form
9.48 am – July 08,2011 (Submitted my appeal form and awaiting for their consideration and reply)
I’ll update here if i got my Google Adsense back! Stay tune…

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