Hotel suite in chocolate

Master chocolatier and chocolate sculptor, Patrick Roger, has brought Karl Lagerfeld’s designs to life using 10.5 tonnes of mouth-watering Magnum chocolate. Chanel fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, created a chocolate hotel room entirely from chocolates complete with a chocolate model eating a Magnum chocolate ice-cream. Everything around the model is made of chocolate: the chair, the rug, the tables, the wall, the lampshade, the curtain, the painting… all of it.

This is part of a deal with Magnum ice-cream. Karl’s creation required about 10.5 tons of Belgian chocolate, with a chocolate guy eating on the bed was inspired by a French Chanel model, Baptiste Giabiconi, the designer’s favorite male posed seductively on a chocolate bed. Location of this place is housed by an unnamed Paris Hotel and the entire chocolate room are edible.
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