How Much Electricity do Appliances Use?

Penggunaan Tenaga Perkakas Elektrik di Malaysia
Today i shall seek an answer as to why my electric bill arrived to this amount RM21.50 (103 kwh) even though my electric usage is quite low. For those who follow my blog in one of my previous post on TNB tampering, you will know the whole incident. We actually requested help from YB Wee Choo Keong but in the end we need to pay the full amount. I know he did his best and there is nothing he can do about it. Well, consider us unlucky i guess as the 2nd owner of this condo unit. Till now we don’t know whether it’s the 1st owner who did some tricks to our electric meter or TNB did it on purpose or a ghost!?
Our electric bill is always low below RM20, we never pay for our bills since we move in. I’ll tell you why, because for bills below RM20, our Malaysian Government will subsidize. In 2011 Budget, rebate of electricity bill payment for monthly consumption of below RM20 will be continued. This is great news for its citizen.
After TNB changed our meter to their latest digital meter our usage increased to 103 kwh which is RM21.50. A friend of mine informed us that digital meter are much quicker than the previous old meter, is that so?
So, how do i reduce our meter so that it will decrease our kwh to RM20 and below. Let’s see how much electricity do appliances use.
Usage of normal household electric appliances
Fridge 30 kwh / month
Computer without sleep mode 33 kwh/month
Ceiling fan 15 kwh/month
Washing Machine 32/kwh (1 time) (1 hour)
Water heater 60/kwh (1 hour usage)
Iron 15/kwh (1 time/30 mins)
Hair Dryer 3/kwh (5 mins once)
Electric oven 23/kwh (30 mins once)
Standing fan 16.5/kwh (10 hours)
Air cond 252/kwh/month (7 hours per day)
You can also refer other electrical appliances in these websites:
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Our usage:
Fridge 30 kwh / month
Computer without sleep mode 33 kwh/month
Washing Machine 32/kwh (1 time) (1 hour)
Hair dryer = 6-8kwh
Total = around 95kwh (my bill for this month is 103kwh) roughly around this figure/ RM21.50
(TV … Umm, I seldom watch TV, i watched on my pc)
What if we remove our fridge?
103kwh – 30 kwh = 73 kwh / RM15.91
You must be thinking we are joking.. Maybe,… maybe not. We are still thinking whether we can make do without a fridge and for how long..
Can anyone survive without a fridge in this era?
What do you think?

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