Airbrush makeup

Photo: Airbrush before and after – Final result a flawless skin…
Airbrush makeup is the used of foundation to achieve a flawless and smooth skin unlike traditional makeup (where you rub makeup into your skin), airbrushing spray a fine mist so that the makeup sits evenly on your skin. There is also blush and eye shadow airbrush makeup.
Two main airbrush companies are Temptu and Luminess. However, Temptu is mostly used by professional makeup artist.
The new makeup application had been long used by magazines or photographers to touch up the photographs of beautiful models so their skin would look even more perfect.

Using a small airbrush gun, tiny fragments of makeup are sent floating across the air, landing on the skin with a tickling sensation and drying into airy and translucent creation of beauty. The secret to airbrushing technique is that the gun converts the fragile foundation particle into a high illumination. The end result is a flawless skin!.
This makeup technique could even cover up your scars, tattoos,red spots, brown spots, wrinkle or blemish, dark circles under your eyes and any spot.
Advantages of using airbrush makeup

  • Makeup can last for 12 hours
  • No powder is used which can cause some types of skin to look older
  • Produces a natural clear look
  • Uses very little product but produces total coverage
  • Does feel like there is any makeup on the skin

Disadvantages of using airbrush makeup

  • It’s expensive for a good quality brand though it could last for years.
  • Refill capsules of makeup that the kit uses only work with that brand’s product, so there is no price shopping comparison
  • Applying airbrush makeup can take up to 5 mins every time

Amber Chia applying airbrush makeup

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