Chinese Horoscope 2011 Monkey

Chinese Lunar New Year horoscopes with 2011 predictions for the Year of the Monkey.
1992     1980     1968     1956     1944     1932
The Monkey is playful, lively, fun and a quick thinker. They get bored very easily and find it hard to settle down to doing any one thing. The Monkey can also be vain and offhand. They are ambitious and usually very good with investing money. With their quick wit and wonderful sense of humour, they are a great party guest. The Monkey’s life will never be dull and predictable!
Forecast for 2011
The Monkey of 2011 very much to his liking with plans and goals moving ahead smoothly and as anticipated. For Monkeys involved in creative work such as writing or art, this will be a particularly inspirational year and their work will be highly regarded. The Chinese Rabbit Year will offer some brilliant promotion opportunities and by being proactive and alert, the Monkey will reap the benefits. For those seeking work, attention to detail when applying for jobs will open up significant windows of opportunity. February, September and November should be outstanding months for their career. Friends and family will provide many happy and memorable occasions during 2011 and there may be one or two special celebrations.
March to May and December will be very active socially for most Monkeys. For single Monkeys, there should be quite a few opportunities to meet someone special through outings with friends or at work. In addition, trips to art exhibitions, museums or other cultural venues will prove delightful for many Monkeys.
The Chinese Year of the Rabbit would be an auspicious year for him to follow up on self improvement ideas he may have been considering for awhile. A fresh look at his fitness routine, diet and how he unwinds, could do him the world of good. 2011 will be the year for the Monkey to move forward, leaving any disappointments and regrets behind. It can be a most satisfying and enjoyable year for him.
Highlights of Monkey Individual Years
1992 – You cannot sit still. You may even carry your knapsack to travel many places. Spend time to see the world. Learn from it.
1980 – Beware of accidents or bleeding. You would make money. If you work for other people, you may get promoted; otherwise, you should expand your business. Try to do more investments.
1968 – Although you may spend much time helping other people, you would still benefit much from it. Be generous.
1956 – Money seems to be looking for you. You may see a complete reversal from last year’s weakness.  You may have new partners or new businesses, through which you can make a profit.
1944 – You may be prone to accidents. Stay calm. Do not argue or get into controversial situations. Do not gamble or speculate.
1932 – Pay more attention to your health, particularly your waist and kidneys area. Travel more. Make more friends.
Interesting Monkey Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Peridot
Special Flower: Gladiola
Best Hours: 3-5 pm
Season: Summer
Horoscope Colors: White, Violet, Green
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