Chinese Horoscope 2011 Goat

Chinese Lunar New Year horoscopes with 2011 predictions for the Year of the Goat.
1991      1979     1967     1955     1943     1931
Graceful and optimistic, kind and easy going, would describe a Goat personality. They can also be petulant and discontented, likely to throw the towel in at the beginning of a problem. They can be charming without revealing their true feelings. The Goat is very talented and imaginative and can turn his hand to most creative pursuits.
Forecast for 2011
The Year of the Rabbit starts off brilliantly for those Goats seeking employment or wanting a career change. By networking and keeping his ear to the ground, some exciting possibilities will come up. March, April and September are well-starred for work advancement and positive changes. The past couple of years have been challenging for the Goat and 2011 will be much more upbeat, positive and happy. There will be many chances over the year to make new friends and attend social outings – just what the Goat needs. The support and friendship of others will be very important to him this year and give him the encouragement and confidence he needs.
The single Goat will find 2011 an excellent and thrilling year for romance and those who already have a partner may be thinking of taking it to a more serious level. February, August and September will most likely present opportunities for romantic encounters, but the whole year will bring happy social occasions. The Goat must look after his own health this year, ensuring that he is getting enough rest and relaxation. It’s going to be a busy year, in the nicest possible way, but it could also be a bit draining on his vitality. Financially, things are looking much brighter than in previous years and many Goats will have fun buying bits and pieces for their home or taking short trips.
Highlights of Sheep of Individual Years
1991 – You would have friends’ help to locate a job. You also favor working with other people, and even to start a new business. There may be jealousy. Be humble.
1979 – Your wealth would come from helping other people. As a worker, you would get your boss’ recognition. This may lead to your promotion. As an entrepreneur, you would get new opportunities. If you are still single, consider marriage.
1967 – There would be lots of opportunities. There would also be lots of hard work. You would almost an equal number of helpers and enemies. Hence you must exercise your wisdom and judgment when dealing with people.
1955 – You would have luck. You favor working with other people. Expand your business. Don’t be too conservative. This is your year!
1943 – Although you may be old, you are still ambitious. You should lead your community and benefit other people with your experience.
1931 – You still have a lot of friends and would not be lonely. You would have many dreams. Spiritual endeavors would be good for you.
Interesting Goat Facts
Zodiac Stone: Emerald
Special Flower: Larkspur
Best Hours: 1-3 pm
Season: Summer
Horoscope Colors: Green, Blue
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