Chen Wei-yih married herself

Chen Wei-Yih, 30 year old office worker, decided to marry herself because she finds it’s difficult to find a compatible man. Her concept is to love and married herself before she married other man. Preparation for her wedding is set on Nov 16 – everything prepared – the bride, wedding gown, diamond rings, guests, seating arrangements, professional photographer except for a bridegroom.

Born in Taipei, wanted to prove to other single ladies who have hit their 30s that being single is not a failure for they can marry themselves even without the existence of “man”.
According to Chen, “You must learn to love yourself before you can love others”.
Her honeymoon destination will be a solo ones to Australia after she quits her job as a study-abroad coordinator.
Chen also added that woman in Taiwan upon entering their 30s will have this crisis where family, relatives and friends would rush them to get married and have children. And it’s a total failure if she has none of these.
Chen explained that although many people freely express their love for others through flowers, chocolates and expensive dinners, they are less inclined to pamper and shower the same love on themselves. By the same token, expressing your love for a man through marriage and a huge wedding banquet should be something you’re willing to do for yourself. Self-marriage seemed like the logical solution, she concluded.


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