How to lead a good health free from disease and cancer

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Health is important to us, some said health is wealth and without health what is wealth to us?
To lead a good life without sickness, diseases and free from cancer, we’ve got to lead a better lifestyle. What do i mean by a leading a better lifestyle? Is to start consuming organic vegetables. I believed many of you will start to think that i am promoting organic or something here. In actual fact, i’ve went for this “Organic Path 2010” which is the 5th Malaysian Organic & Natural Products Exhibition and talk organised by CETDEM (Center for Environmental Technology & Development Malaysia) yesterday at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall here for a 3 day event.

Some of these talks really enlighten my knowledge of how to eat, what to eat to have a good health.
Here i am going to share with my readers on what I have learnt throughout these 3 days event.

What is Organic Food?

Many of us have a mis-interpretation of what Organic means. Organically grown food is produced from sustainable farming systems that do not damage the environment. It is food that has been grown without any use of synthetic agro-chemicals and grown regulators. It is also food that has been processed from organic produce without synthetic additives.
In summary, organic grown vegetable is free from chemical fertilizer, pesticides, urea with is high in nitrogen. It must be grown in a soil that must be tested and certified from DOA (Department of Agriculture) that it’s free from harmful substances eg: chemicals from previously rubber estate land, mining land and etc. If it’s a virgin forest (meaning to say it’s far inside the forest and has never been explore before therefore it’s also suitable for organic farming).
A good organic farmer will take into considering of it’s soil (free from all residuals), own compost using natural resources, plant varieties of vegetables and fruits to sustain it’s soil quality.
Organic vs Conventional farming

Titieco farm you can see an organic farm with varieties of vegetables, fruits, trees around its farm

Conventional farming – methods cause a depletion of soil nutrients. As a result unhealthy plants are susceptible to pests and disease. So, as a solution, pesticides and herbicides are used. And then GM and GMO seeds are brought in to be herbicide resistant. – Monsanto is controlling all the GM seeds
(If you see a fruits without seeds or seedless, odd shapes, different colors, you will know it is Genetically Modified – Others GM crops are corn, rice, tomatoes, banana, guava, soya beans and many more)

Here’s a video briefing about one of the organic farming in Malaysia Zenxin

Many of us are aware and not fully aware that conventional farmers uses a high level of chemical fertilizers to produce more vegetables and fruits to gain more profits. The more harmful chemical fertilizers they use, vegetables tend to get sick and when these vegetables get sick, pest like inserts starts to attack them. Farmers will then need to use pesticides to kill all these pest. All these harmful process would kill the plant, the soil and us the human after we consume the vegetables and fruits.
Friendly bugs
And some pointers here, insects or bugs are friendly messengers. They often tell us about the crops health and deficiency in nutrients. For example, snails come when there is deficiency in potassium. And in rice paddy field, rats digging a tunnel below the soil to indicate the soil is too hard. Therefore farmers should take note of its soil quality, this is because rats are not able to build a tunnel if the soil are loose.
So next time a pest comes to your garden, don’t kill them because they are just the messengers on your plants health deficiency. Once you put back all the nutrients needed for your plants, these pest will be gone.
How can conventional way of farming harm human?
Whenever human consume vegetables and fruits containing high level of these harmful chemicals. Our cells will starts to act very abnormally. It starts to mutate and we get cancer. Do humans have cancer cell in our body? The answer is NO. We are bornt without cancer cells in our body. Unless only a small percentage of babies born with a defective cells. In a normal human cells, we are not born with it.
But how do we get all kinds of diseases and cancer?
Why do our grandparents, relatives, friends all have the same kind of dying patterns? Here it lies on what we consume and of course it relates to our daily lifestyle too. It has been proven chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, food additives causes cancer. And i am going to share with you some of the food that you would be shocked to know that will cause cancer:-
**(sodium / salt, sugar, soya sauce).  Sodium/ salt even those sea salt, whatever salt that claims to be organic or good for your health, any sugar whether organic or non-organic and soya sauce too), and all types of alcohol (eg: red wine, white wine all types of wines, even chinese wine, beers and so on).
Why are we still eating animal?
We know the source of energy is from the SUN. Plants gets energy from sun and animal gets energy from plants. We human gets energy from eating plants and animals.
Do you know about energy loss after 3 cycles?
If we eat from animal to get the source of energy, can you imagine how much energy lost would that be? And that is why it’s better to become a vegetarian, this is because we skip the animal to get the source from the sun.
Some said we need to eat protein from meat but in actual fact, animal and plants gets protein from sun. Because the sun is the source of energy!
One of the speakers told us a true story about a Sun Yogi, the incredible story of a man who has overcome the need to take food or water for years by absorbing energy directly from the sun.
How to clear liver and colon after years of eating toxin food?
In our youngers years till now. We have antibiotics, synthetic vitamins, KFC, fast food, coca-cola, ice creams, sugars, salts, all types of pesticides, chemicals, residues in our body. It’s stucks inside our colon and liver and now how can we get it out?
By eating the right choice of food. Organically grown vegetables and fruits.
Do you know what’s the function of our liver?
It’s the largest organ of the body. It’s main function is to produce substances that break down fats, convert glucose to glycogen, produce urea, make certain amino acids, filter harmful substances from the blood, storage of vitamins and minerals and maintain a proper level of glucose in the blood.
If you don’t want to damage your liver, you will need to avoid all these harmful chemicals from now on.
To know whether you have a healthy colon, you will need to check your “shit” (human poo).
Look at the diagram below to check what your poo is trying to tell you about your health

[click to enlarge – Credit photo –

From the diagram you will know some signs:-

1) Colour of poo should be golden brown
2) It’s shape should look like a banana
3) Not hard and not too liquid and it has no smell
4) Bowel transit time should be in 24 to 72 hours after eating
5) 1 poop a day is ideal
6) Easy to pass
7) 6 inch poops

Ideally, we should consume 8 glass of water daily, eat more fibre, fruits with the skins, more vegetables to have a good and healthy colon and liver.
(Note: To get nutrients from vegetables, we need 9 plates multi colors or at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. One serving is the size of your palm. Don’t even think of blending your fruits into juice cause it will instantly increase your glucose level in your blood. It’s bad. So you need to eat the fibre too.
Coke as pesticides
Avoid coca-cola and carbonated drinks at all cost. In india, coca-cola is used as pesticides in farming. Now you know how harmful is this drinks to us.

Hydroponic and aeroponic so called claimed “Organic” vegetables
Hydroponic and aeroponic vegetables are not organic because an organic farm must have “soil”. Plants must grow from soil. Without soil is non-organic. Mostly for hydro and aeroponic use to spray a lot of nitrogen and chemical fertilizer to make it grow bigger size.
Water contamination in Cameron Highland
Do you know that there are contamination in Cameron Highland, loss of nitrogen in its surface and leaching of nitrate to underground were the main source of contamination to vegetables.
According to these article here said “the usual sources of river contamination in Cameron Highlands are domestic waste, sewage, chemical fertilisers and pesticides.”  Source
Food that kills
We should also avoid milk, milk and cheese have a high saturated fats and we don’t need them. As well as grill meat, fried food, fast food, sugary drinks, cookies, and others.
Bread whether its’ white, wholemeal contains about 6 types of various additives and we should also avoid this.
Our chicken and health
Chicken whether is white chicken, or free range chicken doesn’t necessary is organic, they may be injected with antibiotic.
What’s in our butter
Butter is bad, margarine is even worse for it’s transfat content. Shortening also causes cancer.
Highest pesticides in watermelon
Watermelons have the number 31 highest pesticide load of 45 common fruits and vegetables studied in 2006 by the Environmental Working Group
Cooking oil & health
Frying with cooking oil or whether it’s canola is still bad for health as they contain hydrogenated oil and it’s poison. And please do not fry with canola oil it’s as bad as corn oil. Olive oil is only use for salad dressing.
Heat kill enzymes
Steaming, cooking, frying will kill all enzymes in our food. Eat your vegetables and fruits raw. Non-organic vegetables and fruits you will need to wash thoroughly. Organic vegetables too will need to be washed.
Synthetic vitamins
Avoid synthetic vitamins you find in pharmacy as there are made from synthetically from chemical process. It contains additives, preservatives and coloring. Always get your vitamins and minerals from whole food.
Look at this macdonald burger and fries after few months

Do you still want to eat fast food?
Pest and plant health
Pest only attack plants that are sick and weak same as human, virus attack when our immune system is weak. Therefore, a good organic farms vegetables doesn’t have holes in them. If you see too much holes, means there is something wrong with the health of the plants.
GM crops
Consumer should also beware of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and GM (Genetically Modified) food. This include rice,soya bean, fruits, vegetables. Do you know that most of the corns grown are actually GM crops? Corns are mostly found in our food (eg: cereal, snacks, sauce and many many more).
Chewing and digestive system
Another point is that, we need to chew our food according to our age. For example, if you’re now 30 years old, you need to chew 30 times to have all the nutrients easily absorbed for your body. If you’re above 50, sorry to say but you will need to chew 50 or more times for easier digestion.
Digestion begins in the mouth. therefore we need to chew our food slowly

Hot water kill enzymes
Avoid using hot water to make your drinks. As hot water kill all enzymes. This goes to vegetables too. Avoid cooking your vegetables as it will kill all enzymes.
Cold drinks and our digestive system
Avoid cold drinks too. Ice water can be harmful because it damages your body’s ability to properly digest food and drink. Drinking cold beverages with a meal can slow down your body’s proper digestive actions. You can think of it as almost freezing your insides temporarily so that they cannot do what they need to do at that moment. So, instead, food goes by improperly digested, and your body’s unable to retrieve the nutrients and energy from it that it needs. By decreasing the activity of your digestive system, cold beverages rob you of the nutrition of the food you ate.
Also, when you drink cold beverages, your body has to use energy in order to warm up that liquid inside your body. This is also robbing your body of the energy it needs to properly process the food you have eaten. Instead of working to get all the nutrition of the food, your digestive system is instead working on regulating the temperature of the cold drink.Instead of ice water or other iced beverages, you should opt for room temperature drinks or even warmer liquids, Drinking warmer liquids will aid your digestive system by increasing its activity. This will, in return, allow your body to absorb the proper amount of energy and nutrition from the foods you consumed.
Do you know a good organic vegetables doesn’t have holes on the leaves? If you happen to see a lot of holes on the leaves, then it’s not an organic vegetables. Same goes to huge nice looking cabbage, huge apples, big bananas, big watermelons, huge size vege and fruits, just as the phrase Outside charming, inside alarming– quoted by Mr. Chong Fat Eng, Nutritionist
Certified Organic Vegetables & Fruits
Organic vegetables are certified and currently is only available in supermarkets. Those in wet markets are not organic vegetables as their soil are not being tested for hazardous materials and it could be dangerous for your health if they put in their own urea or chicken dung which has not been processed before as fertilizers. You could be intoxicated with high level of nitrogen in this urea.
GM and sperm counts
GM crops decrease sperm count. So next time a woman can’t get pregnant, it could be men’s fault.
Pesticides and Enzyme
Another summary i get from the net.
“If you eat pesticides sprayed food, you’re consuming enzyme deficient (enzyme dead) meaning to say here pesticides can interfere with plant’s absorption of minerals from the soil and many of your body require these minerals as well as some vitamins to co-factors and cannot function without them. In addition, pesticides residues remaining in some foods may inhibit your body’s own enzyme systems.”
Why are we getting fatter?
Now we all know why we are gaining weight or grow fat as we grow older. We are in fact actually accumulating toxins into our body and that’s what make us fat and fatter each day.
Organic Fish
Do you know organic fish exist here in Malaysia and some of those good fishes are being export to Singapore. These fish are not accessible to us in Malaysia. Anywhere, i saw a website saying there are outlets here selling organic fish
Polystyrene and health
Avoid using polystyrene, mineral water bottles, plastic as contacted with heat from food will release chemical toxin. So next time, bring your own tiffin carrier. Say “No” to polystyrene and plastic.
Toxin potatoes

As for potatoes, if you see something growing on, or greenish color, coming out from its skin. This is toxin from the potatoes, you should throw it away.

Qigong to heal cancer patient?
Dr. Amir Farid Isahak talked about how Qigong fully healed a few cancer patients even after the cancer patient was given 3 days to live. All doctor lost hope and have no idea other than to sent the cancer patient to wait for their time to come. Miracle happens and after practising Qigong, the cancer patient not only fully heal from cancer but are more healthy than before.
So to say, exercise daily and eating the correct food is our answer to cancer free, disease free, and to a happy and healthy life long enough to see our grandchildren, and to enjoy health and wealth at the same time.

How do we know whether its’ really organic?

From 1 Jan 2011, SoM (Skim Organik Malaysia) there will be a standards for labelling of organic food in the production, processing and labelling and marketing of plant based organically produced foods Malaysian Standard MS 1529.
For international certifications follow this link
And for organic labelling,sometimes consumer get confused


It’s all about demand and supply. If you want cheaper organic priced food then consumer should demand more of organic food. When producers saw the rising demand in organic food, they will then convert their conventional farming to organic farming, thus creating more supply. Only then priced will drop and consumer can enjoy a much cheaper and healthier food.

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