Sekeping Tenggiri homestay

Sekeping Tenggiri or a direct translation from Malay word “A slice of Mackerel”. I am not going to blog about fish here. Sekeping Tenggiri is a homestay situated at a street also by the name of Tenggiri located in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Apart from staying in this georgous place, you could even rent it for your party.

A little bit about this house, it’s an old house built during the 1960s, designer and landscape architect Ng Sek San of Seksan Design revamped the whole building and convert it into 2 adjoining houses,including the corner lot into an art warehouse and renting it to other guests.
Sek san other creative works include Sekeping Serendah and also Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac).
Upon stepping into this exotic house, visitors will have a view of plants of all textures, shapes and sizes, clinging or hanggin from the roof. Lots of artistic sculptures can be seen in the garden. Great views and natural ventilation from these landscapes brings out the cooling tropical climate and relaxation effect for those who stay here.
When one open the large windoes, a see through clear, they will have a full view of green surroundings, full of trees, plants and grasses. While their attached bathrooms are roofless, guest can enjoy a warm bath beneath the clear blue sky (provided if it’s not raining).
Seksun design stress on more simple and natural effect of green elements, lights and shadows, thus creating a beautiful, harmony and more natural feel.
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2 thoughts on “Sekeping Tenggiri homestay

  1. After reading so many blogs and numerous articles on sekeping tenggiri, my other half and I decided to book a stay for a romantic weekend away from the family. The place was anything but romantic. We got the Loft room which is the largest and looks amazing in photos.
    When we arrived in the room, we were greeted with chunks of dust along side the mattress, lizard droppings all along the side of all 4 walls, window panes that were caked in dirt. I tried climbing the ladder to the upper level in hope that it would be better but I was shocked to see a lamp covered dust so thick, it looked like a fur covering. More lizard droppings were seen all over the place, cobwebs hung from the ceiling and I could see delicate dust particles dancing in the light all around me as they fell from the ceiling.
    After a 1/2 hour in the room, my eyes were itching and by night fall, I was wheezing. Tried to explain this to the care-taker but he was on the phone most of the time.
    Needless to say, it was anything but a romantic getaway. It was absolutely awful and by far the worst hotel experience of my life. Shocking that such a filthy place that obviously has no regard for the health and well-being of its patrons continue to receive coverage in magazines.

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