Yagami Chan Banned From Facebook

Here is the latest internet “sensation” – a busty teenage girl who posts raunchy pictures of herself on Facebook.
The girl, who goes by the name Yagami Chan, is apparently from Taiwan but now lives in Hong Kong.

Yagami, who claims she is a 36C, has reportedly posted over a hundred pictures of herself in bras and skimpy tops in hopes that people will pay attention to her, and someone will fall in love with her…
Not everyone on the web has been showing her love, though – with some calling her names like “fat”, “ugly” and “cheap”.
Having said that, there is a Yagami Chan fan page on Facebook that boasts over 7000 fans, but it has been shut down recently.
To top it all up, Yagami says she also has fully nude pictures of herself on a password-protected album on the social site, Wretch.
Source: Daily Chilly and GutterUncensored

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