A rising star is born

Both parents Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are popular in the entertainment industry. Their son Lucas is rising to be a star after he was offered HK$8 million (S$1.4 million) by director Derek Tung on Tuesday to star in his film.
Director Tung are willing to offer double of what Nicholas Tse is getting if Lucas is willing to shoot in his film. Tung reassure to them that there will be no dangerous action and shooting will be done entirely in Hong Kong only.
Lucas dad Nicholas Tse is very proud of his son and wouldn’t mind if his son is getting more than him.
Meanwhile, Lucas will be singing in CJ7-2 theme song for Stephen Chow, his very first involvement in show biz.
Though daddy Nicholas finally agrees to let his son to enter the showbiz industry, he stressed that Lucas will have to complete his school first.
In April, according to HK Media, Nicholas has turn down Lucas offer of a multi billion endorsement for a milk powder brand, because he doesn’t want his son to grow up just like him, where Nicholas Tse’s parents are both popular star Patrick Tse and Deborah Lee back in the earlier days.

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