The New Google docs

Speed, efficiency and the ability to share in real-time updates had lead Google to constantly improve their service and products.
Google docs have come up with newer features of Google document and spreadsheet editors with new standalone drawing editor which is much faster in speed and easier collaboration.

Check it out via this video

What’s new in google docs

Real-time editing – you can see character-by-character changes as other collaborators make edits
Sidebar chat You can discuss with your collaborators live on a chat while working on your documents

Improved document formatting – better import/export fidelity, a revamped comment system, real margins and tab stops, and improved image layout within documents.

What’s new in google spreadsheet

Speed and performance improvements – spreadsheets load faster, more responsive and scroll more seamlessly.

New formula bar click on a cell and the contents will appear in the Formula bar at the top where you edit. (previously you need to re-type the whole formula again if you create a typo error)
Auto-complete – make repetitive entries more efficient
Drag and drop columns – you can now drag and drop columns to move them
Navigation –  quicker navigation between spreadsheets
Side bar chat – real-time collaboration in spreadsheets and the ability to see which cell each person is editing.

Standalone drawing editor

Collaborate in real time on flow charts, designs, diagrams and other fun or business graphics.
Sidebar chat
Logged in to your Google Docs account and began testing the new features. On the top right of the page, next to the links for settings or signing out, you can see “New Version”. Click on that link and then select the “Try New Version” button. If you don’t like the new version, you can always roll back to old version by clicking on the same link “Old Version”.
The “New version” link in spreadsheets is now available on
The “New version of Google documents” setting is now available at on the ‘Editing’ tab

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