Fahrin Ahmad cried

Fahrin Ahmad made a press conference denying his ex-girlfriends (Scha & Linda Onn’s) accused him that he is bad tempered and she was ill treated which was the reason they broke off.

Though i don’t watch Malay dramas much, but I really like his acting skill. And he’s born in 1979 which makes his horoscope a sheep. Sheep guys are highly sensitive and romantic. They are very well dressed too! Sheep guys won’t get angry fast unless they are provoke (anger).. i am sure you don’t want to provoke such a sensitive, sentimental guy!..
Fahrin Ahmad’s facebook fan page : http://www.facebook.com/FA.fanpage

One thought on “Fahrin Ahmad cried

  1. don't worry fahrin,awak akan dapat seorang gadis yang lebih baik dari segalanya….and my advise is,setiap yang terjadi ada hikmahnya, Allah maha mengetahui dan Allah juga maha adil…

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