The Honey Pot – download ebook

Front-Cover the honey pot
Learn how to capitalize on the changing media landscape by reading The Honey Pot by Dan Kurani. Dan shares his experiences from nearly 10 years of running an award-winning interactive agency, servicing clients like Nike, Vonage, and Universal, to show you how to create lasting value for your brand’s audience.
Deeply rooted in the interactive space, The Honey Pot will show you how to achieve better brand alignment, communicate authentically, and most importantly, offer compelling and sustainable value to build your business.
By reading The Honey Pot you’ll learn:
* “Pull” marketing strategies that are effective at growing your business
* Which trends you should leverage
* How to grow organically by providing more value to your audience
Once you unleash a strategy of providing real value – customers will find their way to you.
Read the entire book for Free online or download a PDF version here.

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