How to heal and protect yourself from H1N1

Friday August 21, 2009
Highest number of A(H1N1) cases in a day

The highest number of Influenza A(H1N1) cases in a day has been recorded with 569 infections. One more death was also reported Thursday bringing the total number of fatalities to 68. Read more
What you need to do…

  1. 1/2 (half) teaspoon of Manuka Honey (UMF20) daily twice a day if you develop cough/flu/fever/tickle throat symptom.
  2. You NEED flu medication from doctor because flu medication will help relieve throat tickle instantly. (Why throat tickle? virus from flu mucus flow down your throat and make your throat tickles)
  3. Doctor will give you antibiotic (We know doctor’s antibiotic will kill both good and bad bacteria in our body). After several days of consuming this antibiotic, you body will feel so weak because now you don’t have the good immune system to fight against virus later, because doctor’s antibiotic will kill all good/ bad ones just like an atomic bombing without knowing who is good and bad) Therefore it’s up to you whether you wan to  eat doctor’s antibiotic or manuka (replcement for antibiotic natural way)
  4. 1/2 teaspoon Manuka Honey (UMF20) 5 days week daily if you are healthy now for prevention against H1n1.
  5. 1/2 (table spoon) bragg apple cider diluted with water full cup and 1/2 teaspoon of honey (normal honey).
  6. Daily consume 1 fruit a day (any) eg: banana,orange,apple, papaya.. (durian is heaty, therefore consume lesser) (Don’t overeat fruits, coz extreme fruits will make you have cold coughing too)
    Sleep early at 11 o’clock our body start detoxification.
  7. Eat more organic vegetables (leafy and green).
  8. Exercise daily 15 – 20 mins – inhale and exhale and hold … slowly and you will starts to sweat!
    Drink more water (avoid cold water)

(Manuka honey act as natural antibiotic to fight virus)

Wear a mask if you develop cough/flu/sore throat to avoid spreading this disease to your love ones
DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE WITH YOUR FINGERS/HAND, because H1n1 virus will go firstly attack your body most weakest organ, it will go into your body from your nose and mouth. Therefore, avoid touching your face, you can touch your face AFTER you wash with soap!
(I saw the girl at our local pharmacy packing 10 pieces of surgical mask into plastic and at the same time receiving money from customer. How unhygienic when her hand and fingers touches the surgical mask while packing into the plastic beg which they are selling 10 pieces per plastic beg. Imagine us the customer have to wear on our face!… how dirty it was…, yet i saw many people purchase despite the unhygienic ways she handles the mask)
if possible, let your body recognize this h1n1, and let your immune system fight this virus, because if you take antibiotic and killing it, instead of your immune system to kill it, you will need antibiotic for all illness flu, cough, sore throat later on in your life. Build up your immune system and let it fight and win the battle. (Take antibiotic if you know you have serious health problems)
This is a very interesting video telling us about how the immune system function
Immune System Part 1
Immune System Part 2
Immune System Part 3

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